A comdian 53 years in the making...

It's Andy Rushton

Andy has lived the lives of three people...

Despite three marriages, a 33 year career taking him from Westminster through Beirut to Blackpool and fathering an international rugby player, he remains quite immature.

He takes the audience on a journey covering his life, addictions, frailties and as yet unfulfilled ambitions, encouraging them to share a bit of their own story in exchange for blistering honesty about his own.

Described as a "comedian 53 years in the making", Andy is no career comic. His material has been grown, nurtured and lived, giving his performances a sincerity, believability and relatability that only being there and doing it can bring.

Andy Rushton


Son of an artist and Jobcentre worker...

Andy had an eye for an opportunity from an early age. From selling condoms to his Catholic schoolmates, he cornered the Blackpool kissogram market, quickly realising there was money to be had if he took the gorilla suit - and everything else - off. After joining the civil service he began moonlighting as a stripper and then a "personality" disc jockey, and was a winner in the 1988 UK DJ of the Year competition.

After a failed marriage to a nightclub dancer he travelled the UK as a civil servant, getting repeatedly promoted just before he got fired. The DJing continued in Liverpool, Birmingham, London and Newcastle in everywhere from the London Palladium to secret swingers parties. This culminated in failed marriage number two, but not before becoming dad to Harry.

Fatherhood transformed Andy's life, returning to Blackpool, nursing wife number three through a near death experience - they have now been together 18 years. Son number one developed into a rugby prodigy and after flirtations with being a taxman and advising ambassadors in the Middle East, Andy got bored of the civil service and "retired" into a more lucrative life......


What folk say...

A small selection of testimonials to both Andy as a person and his comedy!


Wife number 2

"Could have been Prime Minister"


"The funniest hour of my life"

Promotion interviewer, 2010 (didn't get the job)

"You should write a fucking book - you make Oliver Reed look like a monk"

Donna, career hungry employee

"The easiest 27 seconds of my life"

Debut boxing match opponent, 2016

"The worst 27 seconds of my life"

Wife number one, 1988


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